LX-100 series : Configuration

You can select the various configurations

Select 1: Main Unit

Standard Model

Functional Model
Additional functions such as Tacho pulse input and generator output are supported.
51.2 kHz sampling frequency series which is suit for frequency analysis is supported.

Sampling Frequency

96 kHz sampling frequency series, low sampling frequency.

96k, 102.4k, 65.536k, 100kHz sampling frequency series, low sampling frequency.

Select 2: Number of channels

LX-110 / 120:
8 or 16 channels on main unit

By adding expansion box, up to 32 channels can be

  • Up to 4 units can be connected with synchronized.(32 ch x 4 units = 128 channels)
  • Optional kit is required to synchronize the units
LX-100 series: Expansion Box.

Select 3: Amplifier

DC Amp.: DC Input Amplifier [AR-LXDC100]

PA Amp.: IEPE Input Amplifier [AR-LXPA100]

  • DC mode available
  • High Pass Filter, Weighting supported and IEPE type accelerometer and microphone can be connected directly. No additional amplifier required.
  • TEDS supported. Error free settings available

ST Amp.: Strain Input Amplifier [AR-LXST100]

  • DC mode available

AO Amp.: Analog Output Amplifier [AR-LXAO100]

  • Low sampling frequency supported
LX-100 series: Input Types.

Select 4: Recording Media

Internal Memory
Internal Memory + PC Card Drive (CF)

Internal Memory: 64MB, up to 576MB expandable
PC Card Drive: Up to 32 GB CF (with PCMCIA adapter)

  • The data can be stored to PC via Ethernet or IEEE1394 Throughput Approx. 1.6 MB/s

Select 5: Interface

IEEE 1394: Proprietary driver is supplied with LX Navi software
Ethernet 100BASE-TX: Standard Ethernet connection

Select 6: Control

It can be controlled from LX Navi application which is supplied as standard option
Remote Control Unit:
It allows LX to use as complete standalone system [ER-LXRC100]
All controls, settings available using Remote Control Unit

LX-100 series: Navi.
LX-100 series: Remote Control Unit.