T-RecX Software Bundle : T-Mat Details

LX-1000 mit T-RecX, RTA-VU2 und T-Mat

Analysis and functions in T-Mat


  • Unlimited number of signals can be displayed in each plot, unlimited number of plots can be created
  • 100 million values displayed per second on a standard PC
  • Cursor function with peak detection
  • X-Y zoom with selectable boundaries
  • Cascade display, Campbell display, Spectrogram
  • Play back sound files

GPS functions

  • Course representation on the basis of measured GPS data
  • Interpolation, Conversions in length

Calculation functions

  • Complete mathematics
  • Differential and Integral, Calculus
  • Absolute value
  • Positive and negative signal isolation
  • High- and low-pass digital filters with selectable order and corner frequency
  • FIR filter with programmable filter function, no phase angle
  • CFC60, CFC180, CFC600, CFC1000 filters
  • Cycle duration, Counter
  • Conversion between Cartesian & Polar Coordinates
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Floating average: mean, max and min
  • A, B, C weighting filter
  • Polynomic calculation
  • Linearization

Signal editing

  • Graphical drift correction, Line & Offset correction
  • Automatic spike detection and suppression
  • Signal recalculation with selectable clock rate, signal shift along time axis
  • Curve shape editor, statistical analysis
  • Time at Level, Level crossing, Rain Flow
  • Range Pair, Rotational analysis, Damage

Video functions

  • Time-synchronously presentation of up to four video streams
  • Video cut inclusive related analog data
  • Object tracking with report of coordinates
  • Export Video and analog data into .wmv file

Signal analysis

  • Power Spectral Density (PSD)
  • Cross Spectral Density (CSD)
  • Coherence, Order analysis, Third/Octave analysis, Transfer function
  • Y sampling across any selectable signal
  • X -Y Plot
  • Regression
  • Cross correlation
  • Dynamic signal movement from cross correlation

Other functions

  • Plausibility check from measured data records
  • Batch analysis
  • Macro function for recurrent calculation specifivation
  • Layout editor for report generation:
  • Create standard templates for printing plots
  • Commentary editor for enter and display from text information.
  • Voluminously layout creation with any pages

Data Import

  • Import from different data formats with direct reader functionality
  • ASCII, Binary, B&S, µ Musics, Diadago, DIADEM, E.d.a.s., MAUSY, RPC3/RSP, TurboLab, MDF, DCF, UFF58, Ist/Rigsys, Chapter10, MDF 4.1

Data export to multiple formats

  • ASCII, Binary, Diadago
  • E.d.a.s.Win, E.d.a.s., MatLab
  • RPC3/RSP, TurboLab, UFF58
  • Free MATLAB® reader for direct reading data file from MATLAB without conversion