VR-24 : FAQ

VR-24 Hardware

Q1: How do you facilitate character input on the VR-24 ?
A1: A QWERTY/Ten keyboard is presented on the integral display.
Q2: What happens if a standard CF card is inserted ?
A2: CFast cards are not physically or electrically compatible with CompactFlash cards. CFast supports a higher maximum transfer rate than current CompactFlash cards and uses a Serial ATA (SATA)bus not a Parallel ATA/IDE (PATA) bus as standard Compact Flash utilizes.
Q3: Is there a recommended CFast media list ?
A3: Yes, there is a recommended media list on the TEAC WEB page and this item is available from TEAC.
Q4: Is it possible to use a non-recommended CFast media ?
A4: Yes, but please contact Teac America / Teac Europe additional information. We want to insure you do not encounter any compatibility issues.
Q5: What happens when the memory card becomes full while recording ?
A5: A message will pop up on the screen of the VR-24 and the recording will stop automatically. The data will be safely stored onto the memory card.
If the memory card is full, you cannot start a new recording.
Q6: How can I use a VR-24 without the AC adapter ?
A6: There are 2 ways;
  1. By connecting to a 12VDC power source utilizing the VR-24/DCCL DC Power Cord included with the VR24/XXXXX/Kit (can be purchased separately).
  2. The VR24/BATTERY/KIT Battery option is available.

Signal source (Camera, CAN, GPS, Sensor)

Q1: Which version of CAN signal can be recorded ?
A1: CAN2.0A(11 bit identifier) and CAN2.0B(29 bit identifier), and it can be set from 125kbps to 1Mbps baud rate.
Q2: How can I record CAN signal from a vehicle ?
A2: For cars manufactured after 2008, there is an OBD terminal for diagnosis. By connecting the VR-24/ODB cable to the OBD terminal in a vehicle CAN data will be recorded.
Q3: Are there any recommended GPS products ?
A3: Yes, the GARMIN GPS18x-5Hz is recommended. The GPS (TEAC Model Number VR-24/GPS) is available from TEAC.
Q4: How can I get GPS data for mapping ?
A4: TEAC VR View software for the North America will be supported and available soon. For 3rd Party Software supporting the MAP feature. Please contact your TEAC representative for more detailed information.
Q5: What video resolution is supported ?
A5: VGA camera: QVGA(240p), VGA(480p)
HD camera: VGA(480p), HD(720p)
Q6: What frame rate is supported ?
A6: VGA camera: 30fps/2ch (VGA/QVGA), 100fps/1ch (QVGA).
HD camera: 30fps/1ch (HD), 30fps/2ch (VGA).
Q7: Can the VR-24 record CAN data from an elevator ?
A7: Yes. As long as any unit under test has the appropriate CAN format for input into the VR-24.
Q8: How can I display a map on the unit ?
A8: The VR-24 displays the following parameters: GPS Signal Status, Number of Satellites, Position, Altitutde and Clock. To view GPS Mapping the VR View Analysis Software should be used which shows the location of all events simultaneously with the analog, CAN and Video data viewed on a PC.
Q9: How long can the camera cable be extended ?
A9: The maximum length of camera cable is 30 meters. There are four (4) cable lengths: 5, 10, 20 and 30 meters.
Q10: What happens if the camera is defective ?
A10: If the camera is defective the camera status will not appear on the home screen.


Q1: Which batteries can be used ?
A1: Up to two (2) Lion-Ion batteries are used in the optional BU-VR24/BB. The model number for the batteries are NP-L7S. Please visit our web at teac-ipd.com or email us at datarecorder@teac.com with any further questions.


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