VR-24 : Optional Parts & Accessories

BU-VR24 Battery Box

*Batteries are not included

BU-VR24 Battery Box.

ER-VRRC Remote control unit

Cable length 3m

ER-VRRC Remote control unit.

Battery IDX NP-L7S


Battery IDX NP-L7S.

Battery Charger IDX JL-2PLUS


Battery Charger IDX JL-2PLUS.

CL-VRDC DC Power cable

Power cable for connecting to DC power source.

CL-VRDC DC Power cable.

CL-VRC5 / CL-VRC10 cable kit for camera

(CL-VRC5: 5m、CL-VRC10: 10m)
Combining LAN cable for camera and sync. Cable 5m / 10m

CL-VRC5 / CL-VRC10 cable kit for camera.

CFast Memory Card


CFast Memory Card.

CFast Memory Card Reader

CFast Memory Card Reader with USB cable.

CFast Memory Card Reader.

Accelerometer 730Z / 731Z


Accelerometer 730Z / 731Z.

VR View Data viewer and analysis software

viewing signal waveform, video, position data and CAN signal recorded by VR-24, file exporting and converting.

VR View Data viewer and analysis software.

Soft Carrying Case


Soft Carrying Case.


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