Control API for WX-7000

Control API is available for full controlling WX-7000 function.

This control API is provided as a Windows DLL(Dynamic-Link Library) which can be linked from a upper program. Control, Settings, Real-time Transferring Data, Downloading Recorded Data File are available using this Control API. Data analysis software developer, system integrator can use this Control API in order to add these functions to their existing system.

By using this control API, WX-7000 can be used as a front-end device for real-time analysis software. In this case, WX-7000 also can stores data to media which is installed in WX-7000 unit itself. So WX-7000 works as a Back-up system as its original function.

Front-end Capability Utilizing Control API

WX-7000: Front-end Capability Utilizing Control API-

By Using Control API, WX-7000 can be used as a PC Front-End Device. It will be provided as a Windows DLL which can be linked from Real-time Analysis Software. And sample source code helps to utilize this DLL.

Partner's application using control API

EDAS-DS Turbomachinery Vibration Evaluation Test System (APEX Turbine, Spring Hill, TN, USA)

EDAS-DS is test operations and data acquisition software specically designed for turbomachinery aeromechanical testing and analysis.

APEX Turbine delivers turn-key data acquisition solutions. This collaboration will pair the industry leading EDAS-DS real time monitoring and dynamic data recording, setup and control software with the TEAC WX-7000 series of data recorders.

WX-7000: EDAS-DS Turbomachinery Vibration Evaluation Test System.
WX-7000: Test-System.


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