Universal Video And Still Image Recorder For Surgical Examinations And Interventions


Meet TEAC’s Proven Surgical Video Recorder

TEAC UR-4MD Surgical video recorder

The TEAC UR-4MD is a successful high-definition medical video recorder designed for quick setup and ease of use, yet it includes a robust list of features and capabilities. With auto-sensing video connections and automatic video resolution detection, setup is quick and easy. The front control panel allows users to intuitively record videos and photos in crystal-clear Full HD at the press of a button or footswitch. A built-in hard drive enables reliable recording and data backup, however, you can also record simultaneously to USB memory and USB hard drives to archive, share and play back videos and still images on other devices and locations. The UR-4MD is also network-capable and can be upgraded with a DICOM option (see below).

Now Ready For DICOM Integration!


The UR-4MD allows you to add more connectivity and integration capability at a fraction of its cost. With an optional upgrade, the UR-4MD functions as a DICOM gateway, providing a truly affordable solution for connecting your existing (even non-DICOM) modalities, surgical microscope and video endoscope systems to any picture archiving and communication system (PACS). The result is easy DICOM integration with Modality Worklist Management and DICOM Storage.

The UR-4MD with DICOM option is ideal if

  • you need an unexpensive DICOM gateway for your existing imaging devices (such as endoscopy, surgical lights with integrated camera, mobile X-ray/angiography, ultrasound and other systems)
  • want to cost-effectively link existing imaging devices that do not have their own interface to your worklist
  • there is no budget to introduce an expensive PACS or other documentation system but you want to use a video server and a worklist to improve the workflow in the operating room and/or eliminate sources of typing errors
  • you are looking for a simple and affordable solution with an operating concept that is clear and easy to understand

Important DICOM features are

  • Worklist (MWM) support: Only two button presses to show the worklist on the UR-4MD in order to select a patient
  • Long worklists can be filtered by patient ID
  • When changing appointments, the day before or after can also be displayed
  • C-Store support (also known as “DICOM Push”), used to automatically transfer all images to the patient folder of the PACS

Master recording. Without the classes.

TEAC UR-4MD Controls

With a front control panel designed to be instinctive and easy to navigate, even first time users are able to capture videos and still images. Little to no training required. Easy, one-button Full HD Surgical video recording starts now.

Simply connect. Always stay connected.

TEAC UR-4MD Connections

The UR-4MD automatically detects the input video signal and follows the video resolution.
Then, it configures itself to be ready for recording. This adds convenience and improves workflow.
You are only a few clicks away from recording. *It can also be manually set up and configured.

Excellent clarity with a bright and clear 3.5" color display.

TEAC UR-4MD Display

The high resolution 3.5" built-in LCD monitor provides great visibility and allows users to easily access and check the images being recorded during the operation or examination and after the event. For Live View, Playback and GUI. (Not for Diagnosis)

Crystal Clear Medical Imaging is yours.

TEAC UR-4MD Surgical video recorder

The UR-4MD allows high quality still image and video recording in crystal clear HD.
The undiluted video quality is just stunning.

Full HD/ 1080p is the most widely adopted format, used in everything from consumer electronics (TVs, Blu-ray players, set top boxes), tablets, smart phones as well as computing platforms. TEAC, as a supplier of medical imaging as well as optical disc drives (ODD) supporting DVD and Blu-ray for consumer products and computing, sees many advantages for 1080p that includes:

  • Compatibility with the largest installed base of hardware ever, including hardware used in the medical industry.
  • File size for management, transport, transmission, and transfer over network is optimized for current networks as well as media types (SSD, USB Flash, Blu-ray Media).
  • Lower cost due to production volume and quantity of component vendors driven by the installed base
  • 4K's incremental benefit is somewhat offset by the camera/display size in endoscopy/laparoscopy, which tends to be small and sufficiently served by 1080p versus large consumer type TV screens
  • 4K components, hardware, media, and related support will be costly and limited until consumer adoption drives enough volume
  • 8K format is also upcoming, making 4K potentially a short lived format
  • 3D can be enabled as an option for 1080p via a 3D video processor, sold separately at the reasonable prices, up to $500.

Conclusion: Full HD/ 1080p format in surgical imaging and video technologies will remain as the mainstream for many years to come and will remain a "sweet spot" for the leveraging of computing and consumer technologies in the medical industry.

Capture and save with confidence.

TEAC UR-4MD Surgical video recorder

Fail-proof reliability and disaster recovery capability.
Simultaneous recording to USB drives and a built-in Hard Drive for redundant data back up.
Featuring full networking and background video file transfer.
Back-up power allows UR-4MD to safely save all data that was recorded when power is lost, due to power failure or an accidentally unplugged power cable during video recording.

Enhanced sharing. Keep your surgical videos handy.


Share recorded files with anyone on the same network, whether it's within one institution or to a smart phone or tablet device.
Users can share crystal clear images with doctors even when they are away from the hospital.
MOV video format is natively supported by Apple's iOS for instant playback on iPad and iPhone.
UR-4MD supports a USB & Lightning cross-platform flash drive that allows compatible iOS devices to access as well as safeguard recorded video and images via fingerprint identification.
This allows instant playback of videos and images, as well as options for email and print from the iOS device.*

*Please contact us for more information. A free app is required to enable these features on the iOS device.

Surgical grade in every aspect.

TEAC UR-4MD Surgical grade in every aspect

The UR-4MD is designed for hassle-free and reliable recording and storing of medical images in the mission critical OR environment. An FDA approved Class 1 medical device.