T-RecX-Plus Software Bundle

The Data Recording Power Package

Combining a TEAC data recorder with professional software tools built by the renowned German manufacturer MH and optimized by TEAC enables you to capture, prepare and provide all required data for process or product verification and validation applications with high efficiency and affordable effort.

The TEAC T-RecX-Plus software bundle consists of three different software applications designed to get the best from your measured data. While T-RecX acts as a hardware connector and recording engine, RTA-VU2 allows real-time analysis and presentation in different ways. T-Mat, as the third, adds powerful analysis functions that meet even the highest demands and rounds off the package to a complete, full-featured measurement acquisition and analysis workbench.

All three software tools are customized to interact seamlessly with TEAC data recorders like the LX-1000 and are designed to be operated on a Windows computer. In addition to the complete bundle TEAC also offers a T-RecX-Basic package which includes T-RecX and RTA-VU2 only, as well as T-Mat as an option.

Get the most out of TEAC data recorders with professional software

Software Module T-RecX-Basic

Includes customized TEAC Editions of the proven software tools EdWin and EWinView from MH:

  • T-RecX with database for sensors and sensor locations is the heart of the recording engine
  • Full-featured PC version of RTA-VU2 allows realtime data display with various preconfigured or programmable diagrams
  • Data output format is edt

Software Module T-Mat

T-Mat is a customized TEAC Edition of EdasWin from MH:

  • T-Mat is an offline data analysis application. The central tool is a powerful scientific calculator
  • Implemented graphical content management for unlimited numbers of analyzes
  • Implemented layout editor supporting report/document creation, administration and printing
  • Import and export in a variety of file formats

The complete T-RecX-Plus bundle

T-RecX-Plus combines both T-RecX-Basic and T-Mat in one bundle with all of the features

Our software service promise includes:

  • Global software support with remote tools when required
  • Bug fixing with quick response time
  • Optional customization by adding filters or algorithms (additional fees may apply depending on development effort)
  • Software trainings can be offered
  • Software maintenance: 10% of the package price per anno

Example: LX-1000 with T-RecX / RTA-VU2 / T-Mat

LX-1000 with T-RecX, RTA-VU2 and T-Mat

Get The User Manuals Now

T-RecX User Manual, 63 pages

RTA-VU2 User Manual, 94 pages