VR-24 : Real-time analysis viewer RTA-VU

RTA-VU is a simple to use real-time analysis viewer for the VR24 data recorder. While the VR24 is recording data in the background, RTA-VU displays the incomming data in several modes. It allows various trigger options. Eight cursors and advanced zoom methods are supported. Any calculation, display setting or number of views can be altered in real time. RTA-VU uses a simple human interface (optimized for touch panels) without nested dialogs. In nearly all cases RTA-VU uses one button for one function. Up to two diagrams with selectable functionality are available.

This embraces

  • Time diagram
  • Frequency spectrum
  • Power spectrum and power spectral density
  • Frequency Response Function
  • Cross Spectrum and cross spectral density
  • Auto Correlation
  • Cross Correlation
  • Spectrogram
  • Sound (1/N Octave Analysis, LP, LEQ )
  • Digital Multimeter for numeric display

RTA-VU video tutorials

First steps into RTA-VU

Loading and saving configurations


Loading and saving configurations

Using auto trigger

Using manual trigger

Using FFT (Fast Frequency Transform)

Using PSD (Power Spectrum [Density])

Using FRF (Frequency Response Function)

Setting reference for logarithmic

Using COH (Coherence)

Using CCR (Cross Correlation)

Using ACR (Auto correlation)

Using the spectrogram

Using sound analysis

Using the digital multimeter


Real-time display

Diagram type Time diagram / FFT / Power spectrum or power spectrum density / Frequency response function / Coherence / Auto correlation / Cross correlation / FFT spectrogram / Octave analysis / Digital multimeter
Number of display 1 / 2
Display update Single / Continuous

FFT setup

Number of line 16–65536 (increments of a power of 2)
Averaging 1–128 (increments of a power of 2)
Overlapping Between 0 and 75% of FFT the data points (in 25% steps)
Window function Rectangle / Bartlett / Hanning / Hamming / Blackman / Flat Top / Low Sidelobe

Time diagram

Channel Max. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
Coupling DC / AC
Trigger Non / Auto / Level, define the pre trigger value between 0 - 100% (in 10% steps) of the display area.

FFT / Power spectrum (Density)

Channel Max. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
Y-Axis RMS / Peak (only FFT) / dB
Averaging Linear / Peak hold
3D Display Available

Frequency response function

Channel One pair (Analog channel) selectable.
Y-Axis Linear / dB
Calculation methods H0 / H1 / H2

Cross spectrum / Coherence / Cross correlation

Channel One pair (Analog channel) selectable.

Autocorrelation / Spectrogram

Channel Max. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable

Octave analysis

Channel Max. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
Band width 1/1, 1/3
Weighting None / A / C
Time weighting Slow / Fast / 35 msec
Display L, Leq

Digital Multimeter

Channel Max. 4ch (Analog channel only), selectable
Integration times 0.3 / 1 / 3 seconds
Display value Last value (no calculation) / Mean / RMS / Max / Min

*This software only provides display function of analysis or calculation results. Values and diagrams are not stored.


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