WX7000 : Features

WX-7000 provides processes to measure data in various fields

Frequency Bandwidth

[ 80kHz Wide Frequency Bandwidth ]

DC to 80kHz, 16ch 16bit mode, DC to 80kHz, 8ch 24bit mode, Wide-band, Muliti channel, Stand-alone instrumentation data recorder.

Dynamic range

[ 100dB Wide Dynamic Range ]

24bit analog to digital conversion provides a wider dynamic range than conventional systems.

Whole Day Extended Recording Time

[ 72 times longer than the Sony SIR-1000 ]

With the use of 1TB RDX media, the WX-7000 records 72 times longer than the Sony SIR-1000. There is no need to change media frequently to record long duration test data.

Reliable and Robust Recording Media

RDX removable HDD and SD card can be used as recording media.

  • RDX media helps provide high-speed, multi-channel and large-capacity recordings.
  • SSD type RDX can be used in harsh environmnet. (shock and vibration)
  • SD Card (SDHC) recording is convenient and is easy to handle.

Up to 128 Channels Recording

Up to 128 channel recording is available by configuring the WX-7000 main unit with 8 X 16Ch. Input/output cards. Two units can be synchronized together, this provides a maximum of 256 channel recording.

Faster data transfer

Gigabit ethernet allows for faster transfer of data from WX-7000 to a PC.

PC control application WX Navi

WX Navi is included, this allows you to control all functions of the WX-7000 via the ethernet.

WX-7000: PC control application WX Navi.

File Format

TAFFmat (TEAC Data Acquisition File Format)
WX-7000 stores recorded data as TAFFmat file which consists from binary data file and text header file.Binary data file contains law digital data and text header file contains attribute of data and recording conditions.

Intuitive operation

  • 320x240 dots, 3.5inch TFT color display provides good visiblity.
  • Graphical design button provides intuitive operation.
  • Equipped with a panel lock function to prevent erroneous operation.
WX-7000: Intuitive operation.

Additional function

Trigger start/stop, Voice memo recording and playback.

Syncronization capability with VR-24

It can be synchronized with 4ch visual data recorder VR-24.

Periodic File Close to avoid unexpected data loss

WX-7000 closes the data file after every one minute while recording. Even if an unexpected or mistaken power outage happens during recording, all recorded data from one minute before power loss is saved and is available for review and replay. (file is not divided)

WX-7000: Periodic File Close to avoid unexpected data loss.

UPS Connectivity

It can close data file safely by detecting signal from UPS in case of power outage.

Analog Signal

  • Offset of analog input circuits and a Proofreading function of the gain.
  • Both DC and ICP™ inputs are available and selectable on each channel.
  • Each input channel has LEDs to display the levels.
  • Monitoring of the analog output is possible while recording.
  • Overload of analog input filter is detectable if the input is excessive.
  • Supplying of either 24V or 28V to Transducer can be selected individually on each channel.
  • Supplying of either 0.5mA or 4mA to Transducer can be selected individually on each channel.
  • ICP™ sensor mode, LED's shows when sensor disconnection has been detected.
  • TEDS information can be loaded from transducer in the ICP™ mode.

* Specifications and Appearance are subject to change without notice.


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