TD-700T : Accessories

Standard Accessories

Panel attachment fixtures (already attached to unit) 2
DIN rail attachment adapter 1
Input and output connector plugs B2L 3.50/08/180F SN BK BX 1
B2L 3.50/16/180F SN BK BX 1
Micro screwdriver (flat-head) 1
Instrucition manual 1

Panel Attachment

DIN rail attachment


Following options are avilable.
Please contact TEAC or distributor for the details.

TD-700T Box case

CS-701 (For single input)
CS-703 (For triple input summing)

* It has NDIS input connector and can be used as a standalone

CC-Link option TD-700(CCL)

CC-Link board for TD-700T

* Factory-installed option