Q : How much is the capacity of UR-50BD to record?

A : The maximum size is 8.5GB for DVD, 50GB is for BD and USB memory, and internal HDD is 100GB.

Q : How long can UR-50BD record?

A : Recording times are here.

Q : What is recommendation for the size of USB memory?

A : Recommendation is Over 4GB.

Q : Is UR-50BD compatible with consumer recorders?

A : Yes. Medias that are recorded by UR-50BD are able to be played in some consumer players.

Q : Can UR-50BD record HD video to DVDs?

A : Yes. But it is only compatible with PC to play back.

Q : Can it display remain time of medias to record?

A : Yes. Push SET button when media is inserted.

Q : Can it record NTSC video and HD video at the same time?

A : No. User will need to select one input.

Q : Is it possible to output an image of S-Video when the image is inputted from DVI input?

A : No, it is not.

Q : Can it display indicator during recording and playing?

A : Yes. Select SHORT in OSD ICON SETUP.

Q : Is it possible to stream videos?

A : No, it isn't.

Q : What is the difference between MPEG-2 and H.264?

A : The difference is only bit rate.