Fraudulent e-mails pretending to be an executive of TEAC or TEAC group company

We have been aware that some fraudulent e-mails attempt to pretend to be an executive of our group companies and request remittances be made.
Please take various preventive measures at your entity as follows:

Typical fraudulent e-mails

  • Requesting remittance according to the remittance instruction or the invoice attached to an e-mail sent from a person pretending to be CEO/CFO or another person at the executive level of TEAC group companies.
  • An e-mail or attached invoice, originally sent from TEAC group companies, has been tampered with and requires remittance to an account different from the account designated by TEAC group companies.


  • If you are requested to remit differently from normal billing/payment practices, please confirm the facts by means other than e-mail, e.g. phone call or fax, whenever possible, before remittance, and if you cannot confirm it, hold it. Followings are sample cases:
    • Receiving an e-mail to amend a deposit account or name of account holder
    • Receiving an e-mail to amend a deposit account from a third party such as a middleman
    • Receiving an e-mail with an e-mail address which is not an official address of that entity
    • Receiving an e-mail of remittance request with a header of "urgent" or "confidential"
  • When replying to a suspicious e-mail by e-mail, please use the "Forward" function instead of "Reply" and re-enter the correct e-mail address written on our business card etc. so as to check the destination.
  • Adopt security measures such as introducing anti-virus tools to PCs used for communication with our group companies.