WX7000 : Removable HDD (RDX)

Why RDX? - Advantages over AIT

  • Larger capacity provides longer recording time.
  • Higher transfer rate makes it possible to record in multi channel at wider bandwidth.
  • Less chances of data loss at unpredictable power failure - Fail-safe is implemented.
  • Instantaneous data search.
  • No head/tape cleaning required.
  • Higher reliability thanks to simpler structure than tape loading mechanism.

What is RDX?

  • RDX is a 2.5"hard disk drive placed in a plastic cartridge that offers rugged, reliable and convenient data storage.
  • Solid state drive version of the RDX is also available.
  • Huge capacity up to 1.5TB.
  • The cartridge is anti-static and shockproof design. RDX withstands a shock from free fall at a height of 1m.
  • So small and robust that you can put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere you go.

Industry standard back-up system

  • RDX is an industry standard back-up system adopted by major server manufacturers.
  • Compatibility fully assured between all RDX manufactures.
  • Designed to replace tape storage systems such as DDS/DAT.
  • As 2.5"HDD technology advances in the future, RDX will have larger capacity.

Maintenance-free and excellent cost/performance ratio

  • Requires no maintenance services.
  • Can be used repeatedly by re-formatting.
  • Cost per capacity tends to decrease every year.

Compatibility with PC

  • You have access to RDX from your PC through external docking station.
  • External docking station is connected with your PC through USB3.0.
  • Connect it to your PC, plug in your RDX and you will have super high speed access to RDX.
WX-7000: Compatibility with PC.


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