Load Cell Signal Conditioner


The TD-SC1 is a signal conditioner which converts a minute electrical signal of a load cell into an output that matches the specifications of the control unit. It is mainly used for controlling the compression force of load cells in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial robots, FA equipment and in other fields.

In recent years, the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things) in production factories has accelerated rapidly. The TD-SC1 series load cell signal conditioners, which come standard with various features and are highly cost effective, meet the demand for increased productivity through centralized management.

Teac TD-SC1 models available with D/A or RS-485 output

Slim, compact design

With a sleek and compact design that reduces the required space to an absolute minimum, and DIN rail mounting, the TD-SC1 saves space in the control unit and helps miniaturize your equipment.

The Teac TD-SC1 is only 30 mm wide, 85 mm high and 110 mm deep.
Slim and lightweight, DIN rail-mountable

TEDS calibration

TEDS allows automatic calibration and saves the trouble of inputting numerical values during manual input calibration. Sensor information is read when the power is turned on, and calibration completes automatically. The rated output value (mV/V) of the strain gauge transducer and the rated capacity value are being recorded in the TEDS memory enabling repeated calibration based on this data.

TEDS allows calibration based on information stored in the load cell.

Digital filter

The built-in digital filter (−6 dB/oct) can be set to 3, 10, 30, 100, 300, 1000 Hz or Off.
Combined with the moving average (Off, 2 to 2048), it reduces unsteadiness of the indicated value.

Comprehensive connectivity

The Teac TD-SC1 supports various fieldbuses like RS-485, CC-Link* and EtherNet/IP™ *.
*CC-Link and EtherNet/IP are scheduled for spring 2022

The Teac TD-SC1 is available for RS-485, CC-Link and EtherNet/IP networks.

Many setting and display options selectable via PC

Various settings can be made on the TD-SC1 using a computer via a USB connection.

PC setting screen

Indicated value, comparison judgment (LO / OK / HI / FULL), hold value and static strain can be displayed.

PC setting screen

High-speed A/D conversion

With high-speed sampling at 20,000 times/s, the TD-SC1 offers the fastest sampling rate among TEAC signal conditioners.

Precise measurement results thanks to high sampling rate.

Status indicator

A LED status indicator lights up when the connected load cell is overloaded.

The status indicator lights red when the connected load cell is overloaded.

Linearization calibration

The linearity of load measurements can be improved by increasing the number of calibration points.

Use the TD-SC1’s linearization calibration after performing actual load calibration and equivalent input calibration to further improve your measurement results.

Measurement linearity errors can be reduced by adding additional calibration points.

Contact outputs

The TD-SC1 has three contact outputs (Hi, Lo, Ok) for signalling and other purposes.

Globally accepted

The TD-SC1 meets all international safety standards and bears the CE, UKCA and UL marks. This means that this product can be used worldwide.